The Conference team has evolved by bringing experts from around the world. Our experts are from different sectors combining academia and industries.

Our team combines with experts, law makers, thought leaders, learners, educators and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. We bring the best ideas and new thinking that make a difference.  We are a group of passionate and committed teams that produce the best solutions for our clients. The Conference team believes in teamwork and constantly delivers very successful business conferences for local and international expansions.

Meet Our Experts


Renata Żukowska

Polish Investment and Trade Agency, doctoral candidate at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)


Dr Nazmuz Zaman

Deputy Registrar, Patna University, India

phone: 9471203485 / 0612-2670853


Dr Iryna Kramar

Director, IEEF's branch at TNTU, Ternopil, Assos. Prof. Dept. of Eco & Finance TNTU, Ternopil, Ukraine

Mobile: +380980225713

Anna Opałka

Head, IEEF's branch at PWSZ in Nysa, and Head of International Office PWSZ in Nysa, Poland

Phone: +48 77 409 11 72


Assist. Prof. Dr. Mirzana Pašić Kodrić

University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Education, Bosnia and Herzegovina

kom. +387-61-512-734

Tomasz Dyba

Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF)

kom. +48 795 319 777

Assoc. Prof., PhD. Zeca Ecaterina Daniela

IEEF's Project Coordinator, ``Dunarea de Jos`` University of Galati, Galati, Romania

kom. +40723211924

Prof. (Dr.) Mahammad Sharif

Principal, & Dean, Faculty of Law, Patna Law College, Patna University, India

Mob.: +917739521038