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“COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for India

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It is indeed a matter of serious concern that the global ‘COVID-19 pandemic’ has put the lives of humanity at great risk of being perished across the world. It has brought immense suffering to the people in terms of their lives, livelihood, sustenance, and survivability. Thousands of people lost their jobs, home and lives; and thousands are losing hopes for their existence.

India is one of the world’s worst hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic (placed third after the USA and Brazil ), with reported cases spiking in recent weeks as the country emerged from a strict nationwide lockdown of 89 days.

Cumulatively, India has reported more than 970,169 cases of infections since January, and increasing around 30,000 cases every day. In a country like India, where millions of people have a hand-to-mouth existence, the COVID-19 pandemic response measures (lockdown), are making life even more difficult. Thousands of migrant workers are forced to go back to their hometowns without any opportunity for jobs and livelihood. The worst management of handling migrant crisis has been faced by the people of India, specially people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states. The lack of transportation facilities forced thousands to walk hundreds  of kilometres without food, water and any medical support, if they were in need. On the way hundreds of them lost their lives due to hunger and lack of treatment.

Today, we are deeply concerned about the varied issues which humanity suffers owing to any of the invisible calamity that exists around us. Research suggests that coming months will be very challenging for India and Indian states. More than 10 million people will be affected and minimum 500,000 people will lose their lives in the next 3-4 months. Thousands have no access to medicine, hospitals and health care facilities. Doctors, nurses and state authorities are not well informed and trained in many states of India. Bihar is one of them- one of the poorest, less equipped hospitals, lack of doctors, poor medical facilities, no access for check up kits, and increasing number of affected patients- forced to state authorities for again complete lockdown in Bihar from 16-31 July, 2020.

Thus, the Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF) Warsaw, Poland (a Polish NGO), decided to extend helping hands to support critically affected people in the state of Bihar, India, by organising public donations.

The Project to support corona warriors in India (specially in Bihar) will be working in a few steps: 

Step-1. For Corona Warriors, to send 1000 mask shields/face masks to Bihar Govt. through our partners (Patna University). And it’ll be continued as per request.

Step-2. Provide medical support for the poorest of the poorest seeking for survival.

Step-3. To provide safety dress/uniform for medical practitioners

After execution of all these steps we’ll see, what we can do more….for incredible India!

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Pregnant migrant labourer delivers baby while walking home, walks another 150 km after delivery: A pregnant woman, who was walking home from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh in the middle of the ongoing lockdown, delivered a baby on the road. She then walked for another 150 kilometre.

Migrant woman travelling to UP in truck gives birth on Mumbai-Agra Highway: the woman, named Deepa, began to have labour pains so her husband had the truck stopped at Balsamud Barrier on the intervening night of May 10 and 11, said a local official.

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