BRCDGV: define problems, search for solutions and take action

BRCDGV: define  problems,  search for  solutions  and take  action 

Assoc prof dr Daniela Ecaterina Zeca

University ”Dunarea de Jos” din Galati, Romania

(member of the scientific committee, BRCDGV 2017, 2019)

Business Risk in Changing Dynamics of Global Village was (BRCDGV-2017) and so should be for the coming time,  to fundament  robust links between Academia, Businesses, Governments and Civil society and, yes, it is about undertaking initiatives in this regard.

We, peoples, firms, universities are not living in a protected box. Doesn’t means if that we’ll stay trapped inside our  comfort space, our wellbeing forever will be so, because humankind is living  in a fast-changing world, more and more sophisticated and complicated world, so BRCDGV attracts attention, for more impact, at interconnected problems and challenges.

BRCDGV seek to support new and existing independent information organizations, foster applicable academic and economic initiatives and streamlining for well-being of native businesses.

BRCDGV platform is facing existential questions, about social technologies, reinforce business and academic perspectives, and  decision making. 

BRCDGV role has been a robust one in shaping Academic links and B2B collaborations between SE and Central Europe and India in order to built and rebuild trust. 

In the coming years BRCDGV will do this by focusing on best practices in trusted, quality content that is collaborative. Will be on focus: innovative business models, supplemental business opportunities, best practices in policy to support local content, management, multi-market, best practices in the Higher Education. It is about the policy of trust and collaboration between people, research, academia, firms for an honest, prosper and peacefully life.

BRCDGV is about people with vision, hardworking and making good ideas happen.

Success for all !